Creating Explainer Videos with Your MacBook Pro Is Easy – Check Out How

Technology has come with many benefits. These days, you don’t need a big budget or a costly digital camcorder to make explainer videos for your marketing campaigns. If you have a MacBook Pro, you can leverage its camera to produce equally high-quality explainer videos. The only question you would ask is how to do that. Well, we’ve taken the time to explain that in detail. Read on:

– Leverage any of the two applications on MacBook Pro to make the best explainer movies
If you have a MacPro Pro on hand, you can start making explainer videos for your business right away. It comes along with 2 applications to enable you to record videos; iMovie 11 and Photo Booth 6. Photo Booth is easy to use a digital camera, as well as video recording application that is adapted to creating quick videos. iMovie, on the other hand, is an advanced Apple app used to make top-notch videos that include titles, credits, and effects such as fade-ins. Both iMovie 11 and Photo Booth 6 have the capability to record the best explainer videos by leveraging the MacBook Pro’s built-in camera and microphone. You can as well use an external camera and microphone to make videos.

– Limitations on the built-in camera on the MacBook Pro when looking to make explainer videos
MacBook Pro’s Screen comes with a built-in camera of 720p FaceTime HD camera. While this is still regarded as an HD camera, it’s not up to scratch with regards to recording the best quality videos. In fact, it’s comparable to the less superior iPhone 5, which is used for face-time and Skype. So if you’re recording your explainer videos to upload on YouTube, the built-in camera in the MacBook Pro will do the job. However, the resolution won’t sweep anyone off their feet when watched on 70-inch screen. The best camera is one that comes with a full 1080p HD camera and guarantees truly crispy HD resolution.

– Integrate external camera modes to achieve explainer video resolutions of more than 720p
If you want to truly achieve crisp, high-resolution videos, connect your MacBook Pro with a 1080p HD video camera using the camera’s code. External cameras have one huge advantage over inbuilt cameras; they are pretty easier to navigate. If you’re thinking of leveraging iMovie software to make your product explainer videos, it recommended that you set the camera to VTR mode or PC Connect mode. However, note that the mode’s name and the way you access it varies depending on the camera. The majority of USB cams don’t include that kind of mode and function exclusively in Direct Capture mode that isn’t supported by iMovie. However, USB cams work in tandem with Photo Booth, as long as the webcam is compatible with OS X.

– How to record your explainer videos using your MacBook Pro with iMovie
You can effectively leverage your MacBook’s iMovie application to make your explainer videos, and take the time to edit them to your liking. To do this, make use of the MacBook camera. Better still you can connect a video camera, which is in PC Connect mode. Simply click on the “Import” button on the iMovie application and choose the camera that’s found on the left menu. When you see its live feed in the iMovie screen, the camera is now ready to record. When you’re done recording, choose a location to store your recording by clicking on “Import To” menu. You’ll then need to click on the red “Record” button. If you want to stop the recording, simply click on the ‘’Record’’ button again. Every recorded video will be saved as a separate clip. When you’ve finished your recording, click on the ‘’Close’’ button, and this will take you back to the iMovie window. Here you can edit the recording.

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