The Process of Making VR Porn

The differences between traditional porn and virtual reality porn are almost like night and day. Perhaps this is why VR porn has become so popular the past few years. It is also why so many are into VR porn movies and any kind of adult related VR content. That includes not only seeing the movies, but making them as well. Entrepreneurs and people looking to be pornstars or smut producers come to mind. They are trying to find the best, fastest and inexpensive ways to make their own VR porno. However, unlike creating regular sexually explicit videos, VR requires a lot more work, time and money.

Truth is that anyone can record a homemade porno video these days. All a person needs is a smartphone, digital camera, webcam or one of the many other recording gadgets available. That is one of the reasons why there is so much free porno found online today. Millions of people all over the world are recording themselves having sex each day. These same individuals then turn around and upload those movies to adult sites. In other cases, they use social media, blogs or other methods to share the adult content. In a way, people are trying to make the same thing happen with virtual reality porn. Since many see virtual reality as the future of pornography, the idea is not farfetched.

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Still, the entire process of creating VR Porn is far less sexually arousing than regular porno. In part, that’s based on the technological process behind it. VR porn requires some coding, programming or software knowledge. Unlike normal smut, VR pornography has less cuts. Part of that is because the entire premise behind VR porn is to make it seem far more realistic. Coincidentally, most VR pornography is shot in the first-person POV or using 180-POV.

Another thing to consider about making a virtual reality porn film are the actors. Most pornstars have to let the VR camera do the work. That means the adult stars or performers often have to stand back and wait. This is done so that the VR camera can get a more precise view of them and what’s going on. For female pornstars, VR porn is a bit more difficult since they have to spend more time holding in a certain sexual position. You also have many performers who feel a lot more vulnerable when doing VR porn. Part of that is because hiding any flaws is very difficult when doing VR. More so when you have the 3D and 360-degrees angles in effect.

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Specialized cameras and software are used to capture VR images, including sexually graphic content. To understand most of the process of making a VR porn video, there are several videos to check out. They explain in detail not only how to make VR porn, but also how to watch VR porn as well. You also have smartphone apps which are making it easier and less expensive for people to create their own VR porn content. As the technology continues to evolve, undoubtedly new methods will be created. It may be that sometime soon, making a VR porn movie will be as easy as creating a regular homemade sex movie.